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FR Mortgages is a leading company with experienced mortgage advisors equipped with a wealth of knowledge to find a suitable mortgage for you according to your circumstances.

First time Buyer

A first-time buyer mortgage, also known as a first-time homebuyer mortgage or a starter home loan, is a mortgage specifically designed to buy your first home. 


Remortgaging, also known as refinancing, is the process of switching your existing mortgage to a new lender, renegotiating the interest rate you are paying.

Self Employed

A self-employed mortgage, also known as a mortgage for self-employed individuals, is a home loan specifically designed for individuals who work for themselves.

Equity Release

Equity release can be an option for those needing capital from their home. However, it is essential to fully comprehend the risks and benefits of this form of finance.

Moving House

Moving house refers to the process of relocating from one residence to another. It involves packing up your belongings, transporting them to a new location.

Poor Credit

These mortgages are designed to accommodate borrowers with less-than-ideal credit profiles. They typically come with certain limitations.

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